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Customize Customize

I want to make my computer move faster, I want to increase the capacity for storing data,

We will respond to those who want to make an original personal computer.

Bring-in diagnostic fee 1,000 yen

Business trip diagnosis fee 2,000 yen ~ (depending on distance)

Memory expansion

● of memory expansion work

¥ 4,000

* Memory fee is not included

HDD replacement (SSD conversion)

● Driver installation

● Connection settings

● Operation test

● Instructions on how to use

¥ 6,000

* SSD fee is not included

Proposal for introduction

● Proposal for purchasing a new PC

● Purchase agency

¥ 1,000 ~

Homebrew PC

● Selection of parts

● Purchase agency

● Assembly

● Operation check

From ¥ 8,000

* Parts fee is not included

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