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System repair S ystem repair

Bring-in diagnostic fee 1,000 yen

Business trip diagnosis fee 2,000 yen ~ (depending on distance)

The power does not turn on, nothing appears on the screen when the power is turned on,

We will respond to system troubles such as repeated restarts and solidification during startup.

OS initialization

● Initialize your computer and restore it to the factory default settings.

¥ 4,000

System refresh

● Initialization

● Delete unnecessary apps

● OS / driver update

● Cleaning

¥ 12,000

OS update

● Update to the latest OS

¥ 4,000

Driver update

● Update to the latest driver

¥ 4,000

Data restore

● Return the backed up data to your computer so that you can use it.

¥ 4,000

Soft installation

● Installation of the software

¥ 2,000 ~

Software removal

● Remove software

¥ 2,000

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