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Data Recovery Data recovery

I want to retrieve data from a computer that has stopped booting,

We will respond if you accidentally delete the data.

Bring-in diagnostic fee 1,000 yen

Business trip diagnosis fee 2,000 yen ~ (depending on distance)

Disability level I
Disability level I

Applicable when there is no physical abnormality in the HDD, but the data cannot be accessed due to an abnormality, or when restoring deleted files.

¥ 29,000

Disability level II
Disability level II

Applicable when restoring data from a data that cannot be accessed due to an abnormality in the HDD (no HDD opening procedure)

¥ 48,000

Disability level III
Disability level Ⅲ

Applicable when a serious failure has occurred (when HDD opening procedure, board repair, encryption decryption is required, etc.)

Estimate separately

Data backup
Data backup

Extract the necessary data from the HDD and save it.

From ¥ 8,000

* Estimate from capacity and difficulty

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